I’m Growing Up

Package Details

$150 includes:

Local Session (within 30 miles of Sand Lake, MI)

Online Gallery with Full Rights to All Photos

$200 with Smash Cake

$500 Milestone Package includes:

Mini Session every 4 months (3, 6, 9 months, and 1 year)

Online Gallery with Full Rights to All Photos

$50 additional for Smash Cake

* Additional costs for travel

Let’s Talk

West Michigan
Southwest Florida Photographer November – May
Tel: (616) 490-0243

    Make It Memorable

    • Pick an outfit that will be okay if it stains. Buy something cute but not too expensive. Rompers and Tutus are cute and you could also do a little diaper cover if you have a boy.
    • Bring a change of clothes, a towel, and some water for your baby. You’re going to want to take off her clothes after the smash and clean her up before putting her in the car to go home. It’s hard to wipe frosting off with baby wipes so I recommend bringing a towel and some water to get it wet with so you can wipe her off after the smash. And if you don’t want her to go home naked, bring a change of clothes!
    • Use a small white cake with colorful frosting. If you aren’t good at cakes, BUY ONE as it will be part of the focus for the shoot. Don’t use chocolate cake because it will look gross when combined with your baby’s drool. Colorful frosting will add color to the photos.
    • Top the cake with something cute. A sparkly “one” or a simple candle for your pictures.
    • Make sure your baby is well-rested and isn’t starving before the shoot. You want a happy and smiling little one! Be sure baby is recently napped and had a little food.
    • Think about coordinating your cake with what your child will be wearing. I prefer that the child only wears a bottom cover so you can see the full effects of the cake. Plus it’s much easier to rinse them off and you won’t get as many garments soiled in the process. You can think of adding decorative touches by using a bunting, special party hat, tie (if a boy) or hair accessories for girls.
    • Go to Reverie Threads for excellent clothing options.