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    What To Expect

    Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and what a woman’s body does when pregnant is incredible. Showing that off is the perfect way to pay tribute to your pregnant self. Be proud of those beautiful curves expectant Momma!

    Make It Memorable

    • Timing – It’s best to have photos between 30 and 36 weeks when you have a nice round belly, but hopefully not feeling too uncomfortable to move around easily
    • Pampering – Consider treating yourself to getting your hair done, having a manicure and pedicure, getting your make-up done. It will give your self-confidence a boost that is sure to shine through in photos.
    • Clothing – You will want to choose clothing that will make you and your beautiful belly look stunning. Be sure to try things on, see what styles and colors make you feel beautiful.
    • The Maxi Dress looks amazing on any pregnant body as it covers up anything you don’t want to be shown but can also be pulled against the belly to show off your adorable baby bump. The flow of a Maxi Dress gives a very flattering look.
    • You may consider a bodycon dress if you are comfortable with wearing tight clothing and don’t mind showing off all your gorgeous pregnant body curves. They look absolutely stunning on pregnant women because they truly show off the amazing pregnant body.
    • Wear SOLID colors for your bump to stand out the most. Since the main focus in your maternity shoot is your bump, then don’t let anything take attention away from that, like a pattern or print.
    • Appropriate Undergarments are important especially if you are going to be wearing a white or sheer dress/gown to show off your belly. Choose nude or neutral-toned underwear.
    • Props – You might have a special item or keepsake which you would like incorporated in the photos: baby shoes, ultrasound, etc.
    • Include Family Members – It’s amazing to capture these special moments with your family before the arrival of your little one. Some things that make it easier to include children are: planning around nap times, bringing snacks, and sometimes bribes are needed. Go with the flow, relax, and have fun!
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